Publisher: BLOG SPOT.
Author: Tracey Hughes
Location: Unkown


The term “leadership” gets used frequently. That does it truly mean? Last edition I spoke about disruption in trends and the business model so following on from this theme I analyze what does leadership stands for…is it being disruptive?

The hardest thing for and individual or a company, to do is change when it doesn’t seem like change is necessary. Change I always the catalyst for growth. Trust me I have experienced this personally so many times!

I’m a person who take risks and embraces change head on no matter how scary it may seem. I’ve dedicated my energy to helping other and yes there are time it’s not always appreciated. However, I believe that headship is not a title. Leadership is simply the ability and willingness to influence people in a positive way.

Leader wo ask questions and encourage those around them to find the answers are more effective than those who try to know and do it all themselves, or just tell other what to do. Leaders are change agents. They understand that change is a necessary part of live and business.

Leaders are empathetic, self-aware, curios and have emotional intelligence. The hallmark of this is that they relate to other (even if others don’t relate back) which makes them essential in the workplace and delight to be around.

So what’s your leadership style? Do attract other like you around you? Or do you prefer to attract the opposites?

Leading a team requires you to engages all personality type and generations within your environment. So are your personality types and generations balanced within your team?

How well do you communicate with your team? It’s not our difference that divide us, it’s our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences. Problems only occur when there is an illusion that communication has taken place.

So I question if Communication is the Language of Leadership? Remember motivation determines what we do, yet attitude determines how we do it!

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