Learn to create a futuristic, wispy bob with colour

Learn to create a futuristic, wispy bob with colour

This elegant bob from Tracey Hughes, owner of Meika Hairdressing and Artistic Director for Redken Australia, blends a progressive esthetic with wearable style. Graduation through the nape and a round layer throughout the top, along with a hidden fringe that blends into the longer layers, offer unlimited styling versatility. Color transforms the look—bold shades of cool reds combined with hints of copper and violet are placed dark-to-light to enhance the shape.


1. Create a triangle-shape section on the front top section of the head from the temples to separate the fringe. Create an adjacent, horseshoe-shaped section that extends below the crown area.

2. Create a diagonal forward section to the top of the ear from the corner left back and corner right back. Then create a vertical section to divide the center back.

3. Starting at the center back, take small, clean diagonal partings. Elevate each section to 90 degrees from the horizontal line. Finger position is parallel to the parting and finger angle is 45 degrees to create graduation.

4. Complete the nape and back areas, stopping at the back of the ear. Continue through the sides with the same method, overdirecting each section back to a stationary guide at the point of reference at the back of the ear.

5. Release the top horseshoe section. This top section is now disconnected from the previously cut section. Create vertical partings and elevate 45 degrees above the horizontal line. Finger angle should be at 90 degrees.

6. In the front triangle section, create horizontal sections and comb the hair into natural fall. Place the comb at the desired length and cut a solid line by resting the shear blades against the comb. Continue in this manner throughout the fringe. Apply a heat styling lotion like Redken Satin Wear 02 to damp hair and blow dry using a Denman brush to guide the hair into natural fall position. Once dry, use a point cutting technique to remove unwanted weight, soften the haircut and create movement. For a smooth result, finish with Redken Shine Flash 02. For a textured result, finish with Redken Wax Blast 10.


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