Dear Diary – America’s beauty show, chicago

Dear Diary – America’s beauty show, chicago

Wednesday 6th of March
After three months of prep and planning, D-day has finally arrived. I hop eagerly onto the plane and fly directly from Australia to Chicago. When we finally land, the weather is freezing cold, but we are short on time, and I quickly begin facilitating a comprehensive team brief.

Thursday 7th of March
8.00am and we start arranging the big day of prep ahead. The team and I have six models spaced throughout the day, to cut, colour and prep for the shows.
Prep was held at Pivot Point International Academy on the outskirts of Chicago, supported by some wonderful Pivot Point students.
At 7.00pm we had an informal presentation, for both staff and students.The objective of this presentation was to inspire and motivate, to be the best they can. I shared my own personal journey, and discussed all the different avenues and opportunities within our industry. My team decided to show the students a sneak preview of what was to come at the American Beauty Show(ABS) and ‘finished off” the last model of the day at this presentation.

Friday 8th March
8.00am start again, and had a further five models to prep, cut and colour. My team and I had to frantically work to complete the models ‘look’ by 3.00p,. At 3.00pm, we all took taxis downtown, and arrived at the Convention Centre at 4.00pm.
Upon arrival, my team and I began rehearsals, which continues until 7.30pm. The choreographer was fantastic, which took some pressure off my already heavy shoulders.
At 8.00pm we had a team dinner, before another debrief and planning.

Saturday 9th March
Woke early; 4.00am start! I tried to look beautiful and fresh for my TV appearance (which is hard to do at 4.00am), before heading to the channel 7ABC Studio. I arrived at 5.00am, and began hair and makeup prep on out TV models. At this time we also met with the TV crew and briefly discussed how the segment would run.
During prep time, I conducted three live teasers, all of which showed the audience what was to come. At 6.50am, I was live on air with Stacey Baca.