Education Fame

Education Fame

By staying true to her astute approach and launching educational DVDs all over the world, tracey Hughes has paved her way onto the prized mantel- piece among many other famous types – the 2011 aHFa’s Masters award.

You’ve been hairdressing now for over 25 years? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in this time? Communication is the key to success. I’ve learnt over the years that you can’t do everything yourself. Therefore I surround myself with great people who are experts in their field and we continue to grow because of great communication and understanding.

Receiving Masters at the AHFAs must be a career highlight for you? I know it was very unexpected. What was your initial feeling when your name was called? Receiving Australian Masters was a huge shock. It’s certainly my biggest career highlight as it’s amazing to be recognised by your peers for my contribution to our industry. When they called my name out I actually wasn’t in the room because I wasn’t even expecting it! As I arrived back into the room a DVD on me was playing and they read out the blurb on everything I’ve done throughout my career. I was so dumb founded that I can’t even remember what I said in my speech. I’m so humbled and ecstatic to receive the award plus winning Excellence in Training and Salon of the Year.

How do you feel you have assisted the growth and recognition of the industry? There are two ways I believe that I’ve helped assist the growth and recognition of the industry. Firstly is through on-going education – the industry can only grow by ensuring the quality of standards are consistently high on a business level and of course a skill level. As well as constantly educating and improving hairdressers’ skills we need to ensure that this knowledge is shared. Secondly, I’ve supported the recognition of our industry through the media. It’s been a driving force of mine to work with the media so that hairdressers are more highly regarded and respected by consumers. This ensures that consumers believe hairdressing is a service worth paying for and for hairdressers that their career choice is not only worthwhile but one to be proud of. Constant presence in the media is the key to business growth but also recognition for our skill.

At what moment or stage in your career did you feel that all the hard work had started to pay off – Was it a particular award or business achievement? I don’t feel there has been a particular turning point in my career as I’m always so focused on what goals I have next. I believe I have a great work ethic and we only achieve satisfaction through hard work. Awards are an added PR tool to assist marketing your brand so I appreciate every award I have ever been given as I don’t see it from a competitive perspective. My businesses are growing but I never take anything for granted so if I was to fall backwards then I would just work harder again to get back up. I see my hard work as paying off every time someone shares with me that they have learnt something.

Your Melbourne Mieka salon has received countless amounts of recognition in the last 10 years – what has been the highlight for the salon? One of my biggest highlights has been growing a fantastic team and personally mentoring one person in particular: Olivia Zynevych. Olivia has now become a shareholder in the company and has worked with me for many years. She is committed and dedicated to Mieka and what we represent. Also the amount of press we have received over the years has lead us to receive Salon of the Year numerous times. We have a great salon culture in Melbourne which we have reinvented a few times to suit the area but my biggest highlight is the fact that our clients and team are so loyal.

This article was taken from Instyle magazine