Tracey has designed these innovative scissors according to her specifications of producing the perfect all-round scissor for technical precision cutting and freehand techniques.

THEDU Elite Scissor

$500.00 USD

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• Ideal for the expert accomplished stylist
• Made with Japanese Premium Cobalt Steel
• Perfect for precision cutting & freehand techniques
• Kubire blade based on the Japanese Samurai sword
• Bespoke quality, quintessential design, top performance

THEDU Essential Scissor

$300.00 USD

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• For beginners and experienced stylists
• Made with Japanese Hitachi 440C steel
• Perfect for precision cutting & freehand methods
• Superior quality, sharpness, precision, durability
• Understated, distinctive, exceptionally great value

Caring for your THedu Scissor

  • Cut only hair with your hairdressing scissors and do not use them for cutting anything else such as paper or material.
  • Wipe your hairdressing scissor “blades” daily with a soft, dry cloth or tissue to remove moisture & hair.
  • Clean with methylated spirits only.  Never use disinfectant or other abrasive chemicals on your hairdressing scissors as this will corrode and damage the blades.        
  • Use one drop of light oil in the pivot (screw) area once a week on your hairdressers scissors 
  • Never over tighten your hairdressing scissors as this can cause damage to the blades.
  • If your scissors become loose over time tighten the screw until the scissor when opened falls and stops about 1 cm from the handles.
  • If your hairdressing scissor blades are damaged & end up with a nick in the blade, its best not to use them as the nick ends up larger in both blades. 
  • The best care is preventative maintenance. It is a good idea to have two pairs of scissors for a back up if one accidently is damaged.

Tracey Hughes Education does not provide servicing for your scissors. For scissor sharpening, polishing, re-setting and re-alignment please seek the services of a scissor specialist servicing company.

Terms and Conditions

  • THedu are an education provider and distributor of training resources and high quality scissors only.
  • We do not have a sales team to visit you for you to try the scissors.
  • If our educators are in your region they carry sample scissors for you to view and feel
  • Purchases can be made either on-line through our secure website, at industry events, at THedu education classes, direct sales from our educators.
  • All orders will be shipped immediately in secure packaging with arrival estimated within 10 days.
  • No refunds or returns are available unless firm evidence of faulty goods upon arrival.
  • We are not responsible for incidental or consequential damages or losses to defective products, errors in shipping your order, or other errors. The limit of our liability is the replacement cost of any item you purchase from us.


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Designed by Tracey Hughes