Made with Japanese Premium Cobalt Steel with distinctive ergonomic handles this exceptional scissor is of the highest quality, sharpness, and precision ensuring durability…

Educational DVDs

Demonstrates the fundamentals required for precision cutting combined with essential classic color techniques. Stylist will learn the best methodology…

Training Manual

The THedu Training Manual contains full step by step techniques and theory components that will allow you and your salon to excel beyond competency. There is no other resource on par!

Tracey Hughes Scissors

Tracey has designed these innovative scissors according to her specifications of producing the perfect all-round scissor for technical precision cutting and freehand techniques.

THEDU Scissors


$500.00 USD

Ideal for the expert accomplished stylist and made with Japanese Premium Cobalt Steel, perfect for precision cutting & freehand techniques!

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$300.00 USD

For beginners and experienced stylists and made with Japanese Hitachi 440C steel. Perfect for precision cutting & freehand methods!

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Education DVD’s



Showcase advanced innovative techniques in both cutting and color. These creative techniques will stimulate your repertoire of contemporary looks

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A concise range of classic men’s design techniques and barbering skills are combined with fashion conscious creative cutting methods.

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Training Manual

Manual & Disc

$500.00 USD

An Expert Educator, Tracey shares insightful tips on how to teach with great “Trainers Tips” on how to facilitate the training effectively. There is no other resource on par!

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