The minimalistic lines and industrialist mood of ‘Echo’

The minimalistic lines and industrialist mood of ‘Echo’

Colour movement and energy inspired the minimalistic lines and industrialist mood of ‘Echo’, bringing to life the visual identity of the distinctive and superfluous colour tones.

1. The before look of model Micky with a grown out bob shape. The base shade is a level 7 and the hair has been pre- lightened first all over to a clean level 10 blonde.

2.On one side only, section from the temple area horizontally through to the turning point on the head above the top of the ear. Take a diagonal back section through to the nape area below the occipital bone. The back is sectioned into 2 areas horizontally, the first above the occipital bone and the second at the top of the head above the crown.

3. Begin on the first side at the front hairline. Take small clean vertical partings and project the hair to a 90′ elevation. Hold your fingers parallel to the parting at a 90′ angle to cut a flat layer. Continue with the same method through this is section using a moving guideline.

4. On the opposite side section from the temple area into a point at the top of the head higher than the previous side. Section down vertically from this point to the top of the ear and then continue with a diagonal back section to the nape area below the occipital bone, the same as the other side.

5. Use the same cutting method as the previous side using vertical partings projected to 90′ elevation.Once completed, proceed to use a scissor-over-comb technique to take the hairline in tighter and shorter. Both sides have a different result creating asymmetry.

6. Progress to the back area and begin in the nape section. Use diagonal graduation to sit the nape in tight and gradually build up weight as you progress higher up the head.Start at the centre back and take small clean diagonal partings then project to 90′ elevation. The finger position will be parallel to the parting with a 45′ finger angle.

7. Once the back is complete use a guideline f rom the top and take a parting running through the centre top of the head. Project the hair straight up from the head at 90′ and cut a square line straight across.Take parallel partings and use over-direction to the first section, a stationary guide at the centre top.The top will be disconnected from the sides underneath.

8. Blowdry the hair using a Denman brush along with heat-protecting styling lotion. Dry the hair into its natural falling position to enable you to check the haircut. Once dry use a point cutting technique to remove any unwanted weight to soften the haircut and create movement.

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