Tracey Hughes in New York City

Tracey Hughes in New York City

Tracey Hughes has just returned from an action packed trip to New York City, an energetic mix of working at NY Fashion Week and the Redken 5th Avenue Exchange, as well as attending the premiere of the Vidal Sassoon movie. We caught up with Tracey to hear all the news about her amazing adventure.

Tracey, of all the shows you worked on at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, what were your favourites?
My favourite show was Binetti because it was an interesting hair concept with amazing fashion. Also, Rodney Cutler led it and he is such a fantastic Director to work with. I also enjoyed Mara Hoffman and Vivienne Tam as I particularly liked the hair looks of these shows.

The Redken Exchange is a primary learning resource of the industry, located in the heart of New York City. It offers an interactive, hands on learning experience and the chance to work with award winning industry professionals.

Once you finished your frenetic yet fantastic days at Fashion Week you headed off to the Redken Exchange. What was the program you were a part of?
‘Cut and Know Why,’ is a four day program facilitated at the Redken 5th Ave Exchange covering the why behind the fundamentals of cutting hair. It teaches the breakdown of the principles of design, enabling hairdressers to understand exactly what they are doing. It’s not about learning haircuts it’s about learning haircutting and becoming a thinking stylist.

Who did you get to work with on the Redken team?

We had a great team of Redken artists who worked to facilitate the class together. Chris Baran, Jayson Morgan and Adina Doss were the lead educators, supported by Brian Bowman and myself. Chris Baran, the International Artistic Director ,was the Mentor to us all. The coaching we received over the week was invaluable. Another program, ‘Colour and Know Why,’ ran at the same time, so it was great to also work with that team of Leah Freeman, Patrick Fitzwater and Scott Siupper.

What does your role as an Artistic Director for Redken Australia mean to you as far as opportunities like this go, to be able to travel and teach overseas? It’s a huge privilege to be part of the NYC Exchange team, I have three trips there this year as well as a few main stage shows in other countries. Both Philip Barwick and I get offered these amazing opportunities to represent Australia globally for Redken. Every show, seminar or class we work on is an enormous learning experience for our personal development as well.

What was the highlight of your trip to NYC?

Going to the Vidal Sassoon movie premiere with Vidal himself actually there! I was very kindly invited along to the premiere and Vidal was there to do a Q&A interview after the movie. He is such a legend in our industry and the movie is a reflection of his journey and how he revolutionised hairdressing and fashion. It’s a must see for every hairdresser!

Did you manage to get any free time and if so, what did you do?

I actually got one day off at the end of the trip and spent the time in downtown NYC doing lots of fantastic shopping. I got a few one off items of clothing, from young emerging designers, which was really exciting. I also spent the day catching up with a couple of great friends.