Tracey Hughes talks about balayages

Tracey Hughes talks about balayages

BTC: What are the most important things to keep in mind about colour placement and design?

TH: Keep your sections and application clean and precise. Strive to create an effect that is as natural as possible – as if the hair was lightened by the sun. Focus on colour placement that will compliment the shape of the haircut.

BTC: Who are the best balayage candidates? Blondes Any shade?

TH: Blondes are great, but it really depends on your clients skin tone. Balayage can be done on any shade, as long as you determine your client’s natural hair colour and existing colour.

BTC: What are your favourite balayage tools?

TH:An artist’s brush or a vertical colour brush can achieve accuracy. For creative effects, place the colour on the hair with a comb or a sponge. For ombré, foil can give you more control.

BTC: What type of colour do you recommend?

TH: Because you only apply product to the surface of the hair when balayaging, lightener or high lift tint is the most effective because you need a product that penetrates through the cuticle layer into the cortex quickly and effectively. If you choose to use a permanent colour, select one that is lighter or richer or more intense than your desired result.

BTC: Are there any common balayage mistake to be aware of?

TH: I believe you should not cover your balayage application with plastic or cling wrap, as this may smudge the colour – unless you’re doing a foil balayage technique. When using a lightener, add a bit more developer – this helps the colour stay creamy and prevents it from drying up on the hair. Always process to manufacturer’s instructions and do not remove the colour before the recommended processing time.

BTC: What’s the best way to retouch/ refresh balayage?

TH: Always treat this like a new service. During the consultation whether the colour result should be the same as before, or if you need to create something different. If you’ve applied a fashion colour, for example, you might want to repeat it or alternate this shade with a natural tone.

BTC: How do you recommend educating your conventional foil highlight client about balayage? 
TH: Explain the difference between the two techniques. Point out that most celebrities are wearing balayage colour. Communicate you own enthusiasm about balayage to your clients!

BTC: Any other tips?

TH:Work from the bottom through to the top. Visualise where you want the balayage colour effect before you begin; this will determine where you apply the colour. Apply a sufficient amount of product, and process with an even heat or air source to ensure an even colour result.

Article from behindthechair.com